Votem (VAST) ICO Review 2018

What is the Votem ICO?

Blockchain is slowly making its way into all kinds of industries and proving itself useful because of the security it provides. The system works like a continuously developing record which has no central authority.


If you are looking for the next big cryptocurrency ICO you need to watch out for, you may be looking for some original concepts.

Votem ICO Review
Votem ICO Review: Bringing mobile voting with blockchain technology

And an innovative one like Votem, which offers the VAST token, is sure to make you turn your head around.


Votem ICO, a voting platform, aims to make voting easier around the globe, enabling citizens to do it all – right from their mobile device. Too good an idea or too good to be true?


The company aims to do it all by using blockchain. It can be accessed through any mobile device, making it a convenient option.


So what is Votem?


This blockchain-based platform for voting runs on the VAST tokens which can be found virtually at easily. In fact, the description given on the website states that these are the only tokens which will give citizens across the world the power to vote online without any added hassle.


With the help of these VAST ICO 2018 tokens, one can access the site safely and cast their vote directly from a mobile device and be assured of transparency, verifiability, security and accessibility of the highest order.


How did the Votem ICO come into being?


Votem was first launched by a company that was born in 2014 with the aim of revolutionize the world of voting. They wanted to incorporate mobile technology into the field and change the way we usually vote.


When the blockchain technology came to the market, the company could envision using it in a unique manner. By putting together a mobile voting platform supported by a blockchain, it has managed to create an innovative method of voting and storing the data.


Pete Martin (CEO) heads the company while Dave Wallick works as the Director of Testing and Certification.

The company, born in Cleveland, Ohio in the year 2015, does make a transparent affair about its business, with some of the other notable members being Bob Stewart (CTO), and Srini Kandikattu (VP Engineering) who form the core team of Votem. Since then, it has become the world’s largest online blockchain voting platform.


You may have already heard of Votem because it has already collaborated with different municipalities and states all across the United States. For example, the State of Montana, City of Detroit, Ohio State Bar Association and District of Columbia have used Votem and loved it.


If you are wondering how to get the tokens, Votem announces token sales. The last one was announced in November 2017 and held in January 2018.


How does it function?

With the help of Votem ICO, organizations, citizens, and governments in different parts of the world can become a part of the online voting network.


Votem aims to uphold the integrity of the voting system which is the right of every voter. The platform is continuously improving and introducing new effective changes.


It respects the confidentiality of all voter data and enforces the result in elections held for both the private and public sector.


The platform comes with public sidechains that help in a more rigorous verification process. An end-to-end homomorphic encryption process is used by the blockchain with the help of the VAST tokens.


The security and privacy of the blockchain system makes it an useful weapon to ensure that voting remains democratic at all times.


Without the tokens, you would not be able to use the election features available on the Internet. They act like a perpetual software license, but one token can be used for only one vote. The token sale is fully safe and certified.


The company is already well-funded, but the last sale was even more beneficial for them. They are aiming to ‘create a global ecosystem’ that will subscribe to the wonder that Votem is.



It has always been a challenge to find the perfect method for voting. This blockchain-based voting platform, however, has hit close to home. It does make the right noises but it remains to be seen just how fool proof this method could be. For instance, how do you ensure that someone else doesn’t vote from another users’ device?


For now though, it does have some solid backers and even made headlines recently by processing as many as 2 million votes for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s fan voting campaign – perhaps a testimony to the fact that if it is not electoral voting, Votem could actually work!


To know more about their online tokens always, have a look at