Monero Review (XMR) and Purchase Guide

What is Monero Coin?

Monero is another coin that has been introduced in the world of cryptocurrency. With the Monero coin, you are fully responsible for the control of your transactions. An important feature of the Monero coin is that it is private, very secure and untraceable. Our Monero review goes into heavy detail about the privacy of this currency. With this, any transactions you do with Monero coin is closed to others and only opened to you. You and you alone can see details of your transactions. With Monero coin, you are basically your own bank. With this secured privacy feature, one does not need to worry about the scam or fraudulent activities as it does not exist with the Monero coin.

Our XMR Monero Review covers all the features of the coin including privacy, and how to buy Monero.
Our XMR Monero Review covers all the features of the coin including privacy, and how to buy Monero.

In as much as details of all transaction carried out with Monero coin is very private to the user, Monero is an open source and can be accessible to anyone. This simply means that anyone can use it.

With Monero, there is no fraudulent chargeback or scenarios where you would experience long holding periods. Furthermore, no one controls even your capital or the flow of your economic stability. With Monero, you are in total control.

This Monero review would act as a Monero guide to you about Monero coins. With this, every basic thing you need to know about Monero coin is answered.

Who Created Monero

Monero is a grassroots community project and has been sustained due to the combined effort of people around the world. The Monero team currently has a team member community of thirty core developers with over two hundred and forty contributors on the project. The team member community is really strong and Monero is opened to accepting new team members who are willing to get involved in the project. Monero is not limited to any legal jurisdiction and cannot be shut down by any country because it is a digital community and does not have a single base.

When Did Monero Begin?

Monero official first launch was in April 2014. However, there was a change in the team structure afterward. And that is because the early community members did not agree with the founder’s ideas as they were very controversial. A new core team since then took over restructuring and creating measures to enhance the performance of the coin. Since the launch of Monero as a CryptoNote reference coin in April 2014, it has grown to be a better blockchain with enhanced flexibility and efficiency. In 2018, we wrote this Monero review (XMR).

What Can Systems Monero Review Work With?

Monero can be operated and work with major operating systems. These systems include MAC, Windows, and even Linux operating systems. Since Monero is an open source, you can freely download the latest block chains. Monero provides a platform for him its users can use it to their advantage and make the most out of the platform.

How Does Monero Security Features Set It Apart?

A lot of other platforms tend to offer digital private network but one of the things that set Monero’s security system apart is the fact that does not need a third-party to complete its transactions. With this, every transaction done on the platform is highly confidential. The origin, destination, and quantity of the transaction are closed and hidden to any second or third party.

Another reason is the nontraceable feature. The default settings of all transaction with Monero automatically erases the address of both sender and recipients. With this, the transactions of the cryptocurrency are untraceable. With all of these, transactions made with Monero cannot be traced to the person’s real identity.

Why Privacy And Non-traceability Of Monero Really Matters.

First and foremost, the anonymity of a user is always compromised when during a Bitcoin trade or transactions. It doesn’t matter if you are the sender or recipient, your anonymity is compromised during any Bitcoin trade. When anyone has access to your wallet address either due to the fact that you gave them the address or any other mean, they instantly can see how many Bitcoin you own and vice versa. So when you send anyone money the public ledger allows other parties know everything about your Bitcoin account size.

Why Non-Privacy As Mentioned Above Is Unfavorable For You.

The reason the above is unfavorable to you is that once a third-party can access your ledger, there doesn’t only have information about the transactions done with them, they are able to have access to all your other transactions with other people and this is not safe in case of confidentiality and other things.

Another case is peradventure, you visit a country with high crime rates and you carry out a lot of transactions in that country. Imagine everyone you give your address to is a fraud and now has access to your wallet with full information about the size of your wallet, your transactions, locations and other stuff. This automatically puts you at the risk of being scammed or duped.

Another case is that your clients are very smart and with access to your pass records may still price and negotiate based on your previous records. With this, you may never grow past that point or earn more, even when you deserve more for the quality services you offer per project.

How Do The Developers Plan To Make Monero More Private?

A project known as the Konvri project is currently in development. What this would do is encrypt and route transactions processes and then hide the IP addresses of transactions and reduce the risk of network monitoring.

How Do You Use Monero?

How to use Monero safely.
How to use Monero safely.

When using Monero, it is strongly advised that one asks a lot of questions to clear any ignorance. To secure your funds, it is important you download the Monero wallet, this would also help you keep track of your funds. With this, you can get started and begin to buy Monero with the use of cryptocurrencies or flat currencies on an exchange term. Once you buy Monero, you can send or receive it or even use it to purchase both goods and services.

Because of the availability of stealth addresses, you don’t need to create a new address for every transaction. All you need to do is send your payment ID to whoever is transacting the money into your wallet. The payment ID is a 64 character hexadecimal string that is randomly created by the merchant. You also have had access to programmatically check your payments.

Monero Review of Wallets.

There’s a variety of wallet available on the official website for downloads. This wallet is compatible with operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, ARM, Dragonfly BSD, Free BSD, Blockchain and Source code. You can also sort of crowdfunding on the official Monero hardware ledger and wallet.

On Monero there is also the lite wallet. The lite wallet is one with which you can quickly generate an address and private keys for your wallet. This process is done online using the official website.

How To Create A Monero Wallet.

To Create a Monero wallet, all you need to do is click on create an account button, afterward, you’ll be given a list of seed words. This Monero review recommends that you store your Monero safely offline. Store this seed words in a safe place because this is the only possible way you’ll be able to recover your account in case of emergency. The website would demand to copy and paste this words into a box. Do that and click, log in. With this process done correctly, you’ll be given access to your wallet account. With this access, you can now view your address and transaction history, send and receive payments.

How To Buy Monero XMR.

You cannot purchase the Monero XMR with fiat currencies, so you’ll need to buy a Bitcoin or Ethereum. Purchase of Bitcoin or Ethereum is done at Coinbase using a bank transfer or debit/credit card purchase.

Register At Coinbase.

Coinbase is a highly recommended platform for any first time purchase. This is because it is highly a safe and reliable place to purchase cryptocurrencies from. It is also in line with the rules of regulations of the US government, you can purchase coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. This can be done via a credit card, debit card or through any bank transfer. Coinbase follows strict financial guidelines, so with this, you’ll have to carry out a series of identification verification when you are signing up.

To get started on Coinbase, go to the official website, and click on sign up, you’ll be presented with a registration form and dialog box which you’ll have to complete

To Purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum

To do this, visit the buy and sell tab on Coinbase after you’ve signed up. Select Ethrenum or Bitcoin. Choose your payment method and the quantity you want to purchase.

To buy the Ethereum, you’ll need to confirm your verification, if your details are correct, Ethereum would be added to your account.

How To Purchase Monero At Binance

This method is for those who are familiar with the way exchange works. Signing up with Binance is easy and with it, you don’t have to submit and ID verification. All you need to do is send your BTC and ETH and then swap for XMR. With Binance, you get two worth of withdrawal daily.

How You Can Help To Improve Monero

You can help to improve Monero by working and developing. The programming language used in developing is C++ C++. can assist by donating money, becoming a sponsor. You can also assist by helping with the distribution of blockchains and the maximization of privacy.

What Are Monero’s Plans For The Future?

Current projects of Monero includes multi addresses, sub addresses, fluffy books, a GUI port for and android a redesign of the foreign funding system. LongLong-interjects include the release of Kovri, reduction of transaction sizes, and a second layer solution to enhance speed and scalability.


For anyone that is looking for utmost privacy in cryptocurrencies transactions, Monero coin is the best for you. It is simple to use, fraudulent free and has an honesty policy. There’s an amazing community of Monero ready to welcome and help you and there’s no reason you shouldn’t join this community of amazing people.