Globitex ICO Review 2018 (GBX Token)

Globitex (GBX) is a high level Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange that connects digital currency markets with traditional commodities and other markets. It is expected that the exchange will develop high-tech API capabilities to turn it into a global trading platform. This Globitex ICO review explains why the project has the potential to take cryptocurrency to the institutional level, as it enables a highly sought after use case in connecting global markets with digital currencies of now. Most of Silicon Valley and Wall Street had missed out on the cryptocurrency rise. Unlike previously, institutions always got in before retail markets. However, digital currencies saw retail traders get in far before institutions did. As a result, there is potential for huge institutional investments into the cryptocurrency space as most of them haven’t in yet. The only people buying in have been people buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum personally, but rarely beyond personal investments.

GBX ICO Review 2018, to be announced in February!
GBX Globitex ICO Review 2018, to be announced in February!

GBX ICO Potential in 2018

The amount of money that could move into cryptocurrency in the coming years following 2018 is huge. We see Globitex as a potential enabler of institutional ownership in the protocol level of money. Institutions can move beyond investing in single companies involved with blockchain technology, but rather invest at the protocol level. Much like buying a piece of the internet, buying cryptocurrency is much better than buying cryptocurrency-based companies as we don’t know which ones will succeed.


We have seen major projects like Binance issue tokens and had massive success in doing so. Binance came into the cryptocurrency market and became top 3 in only half a year. It’s incredible how much potential there is in projects such as cryptocurrencies. As a result, we see massive opportunities for Globitex ICO in 2018. After all, Binance is not and did not reinvent major platform changes. GBX however, is adding many markets in addition to crypto to crypto trading pairs. This is something that has never been implemented properly before on an institutional level. As a result, it can potentially become a top 3 exchange in cryptocurrency as well. The hope is that not only will retail flood to this exchange, but institutional traders as well. Just like BNB, will will see GBX burn their own tokens and yearly lockups to decrease overall supply. This means additional safety for the investors as token prices have less supply on the sell-side of the market.

Globitex ICO Review Team Members

Firstly, the team includes Jon Matonis. Jon is the Chairman of GBX. He is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation and has been CEO and board directors of major companies. This person has been involved with cryptocurrency for many years now, and will be a huge asset to the development of the project. The rest of the team members involve people highly involved with the financial sector, like Liza Aizupiete. These people have major experience with managing portfolios, or are analysts of commodities markets. In total, the team numbers to 12 members which covers all the necessary fields related to the project.