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Best Monero Wallet Guide for Newbies

If you’re interested in Monero or cryptocurrencies, you’ll want the best Monero wallet. Chances are, you’re a newbie or new to cryptocurrency and digital money. Monero is one of the only cryptocurrencies that is highly popular, private, secure, and untraceable is called Monero (XMR). The price of Monero is constantly rising lately and a number

What JP Morgan thinks of Cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Ethereum

It’s hard to deny that within the last year cryptocurrency has become a mainstream investment. And when one considers its price increase, the numbers are staggering. According to Statista (, Bitcoin experienced a price jump from $572.33 in August of 2016 to $4,764.97 August of 2017. But even with its massive success, it’s still interesting

Bitcoin Tax Guide for 2018 Crypto Traders and Investors

Did you know that even though you perceive cryptocurrencies as virtual currencies, the IRS perceives them as property hence they are taxable? If you did not know well now you know, and if you are a player in the world of crypto, then it’s time you brace yourself and pay, or experience what we refer

Technological Advances and Online Gambling

The 21st century is one that has seen major technological advances which have affected almost every area and gambling being one of the oldest forms of money making is no exception. In the past few decades, gamblers seem to be making a shift from the old form of casino gambling to the newer convenient and

iDice Ethereum Gambling Crowdsale is Complete!

The massive success of our Ethereum Gambling Casino beta release for desktop platforms has prompted many news websites to publish articles about us! All bets are public, provably fair, and can be verified for authenticity on the blockchain here in real-time. Here are a few major cryptocurrency news websites that have featured us. These include Cointelegraph, Cryptocoinnews, and even