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Votem (VAST) ICO Review 2018

What is the Votem ICO? Blockchain is slowly making its way into all kinds of industries and proving itself useful because of the security it provides. The system works like a continuously developing record which has no central authority.   If you are looking for the next big cryptocurrency ICO you need to watch out

Blockfreight ICO Review 2018

Blockfreight is an international blockchain answer for the global shipping industry. 60 years after the invention of the shipping container, the Blockfreight ICO review covers the platform is initiated on April 26, 2016, as a major milestone in the freight business by launching its blockchain-based platform. On the same month and date in 1956, the

Globitex ICO Review 2018 (GBX Token)

Globitex (GBX) is a high level Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange that connects digital currency markets with traditional commodities and other markets. It is expected that the exchange will develop high-tech API capabilities to turn it into a global trading platform. This Globitex ICO review explains why the project has the potential to take cryptocurrency to