Bitcoin Cash Analysis and Review (BCH)

The Tips on How to Guide Bitcoin Cash BCH.

Bitcoin cash can be defiened as the asset that is operated in the electronic form. The rpocess is known worldwide and accoridng to its management, Bitcoin is based in ensurng that the suers get low transaction fees, which are fast and have reliable confirmation too.In otehr words, Bitcoin is designedto ensure that the suers get to carry ot their transaction without any restrictions. Some of th features that alot of suesr will find useful from Bitcoin include; large block size, replay and wipeout protection, and they have also improved their way of adjusting the prooof-workdifficulty quicker as compared to before.

What to know about Bitcoin cash.

Basically the Bitcoin cash is the primary game changer of Bitcoin.Therefor this means that any person who is registered as of block 478558 are also the wner of bitcoin cash. Therefore this gives you the freedom to have an edge over otehr encyptographic asset owners. Therfore once you are a Bitcoin cash holder thes following benefits are available tat your disposal;

Sine the Bitcoin forum is reliable, this allows the cash network to run smoothly without any congestions. Meaning you can carry out your transactions at any time.

It is qiuite speed since one is ablte to carry out atransaction and still get their comfirmation at a hogh speed too.

Thencharges of sending money regardless of regional or even internationally is quite low.

It is qite simple to sue the model which makes it suitable for beginners since they elan pretty fast.

The forum provides stability since the assets have proven store of value.

It is quite secure since it is built ona strong block chain technology.

All the holders are able to monitor the potential of Bitcoin all over the world thanks to the activation of Bitcoin cash hard fork.

Bitcoin is estomatd to grow in the enar feuture and this wasseen in the year 2017, whhereby the price of the BCH grew abnduntly from 366.97 to 1189.05 dollars. This shoes that the cash is surely going to grow tremendously for the nxt few years to come.

How to secure your Bitcoin assets.

Bitcoin Cash guide and review is an interesting resource for all your BCH needs.
Bitcoin Cash guide and review is an interesting resource for all your BCH needs.

There are two main areas where you can keep your Bitcoin money for security proposes. This can be either in the wallet or in the exchange account. Although both of these methods re good, the holders are advised to opt wallet storage over the exchange account since it is more secure. To makes sure that all holders are able to access a wallet for storing their cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has come up with excellent ways of providing more and more wallets for their users.

why is a wallet storation prefered over transaction exchange?

The reason that the Bitcoin company prefer oradvocate for their holders to use the wallet storaion over the transaction exchange is due to the vulnabilities tht are involved in the process.Note that the transactions are carried out online meaning that yone is not responsible for or you are not able to control the currencies online. This makes it easy for onescurrency to be hacked by even unknown people and thi s scenario has been experienced by alot of people. n some cases, the suers can also face crashing of thei accounts whereby they end up being left in difficult positions, and th epirce may also flacutate without your knowledge. Otehr problems that one may encounter when using online transactions is sufefring their accont being closed even without their knowledge. With wallet storage, you can never encounter any of the listed problems thus making it the safest forum to use for you cyptocurrencies

Importance of wallet.

Wallet are essentialfor those who wnt to hold their cash eitehr for long term or eeevn short time. This is because if you definitely want to hold your cash for a long term, you will need a safe plce to enrust with your money iuntli you wnt to withdar it, abnd Bicoin wallet ofefrs that safe place.

The users are given the freedom to cyptographic asset, the can store, exchange and even send Bitcoin assets for other coins and tokens.

Types of wallets for storing the Bitcoin currencies.

There are two main wallets that one can use for strong their Bitcoin Currencies. These wallets include the hard ware wallets and the software wallets.

Hardware wallets.

the hardware wallets can be described as the physical devices which are created to keep the cyptocurrencies safe for the users to access. they ensure that the user’s keys are well stored in the microchip. What makes these hardware to be opted is due to the fact that they are equipped with the best security features of software wallets. They are safe from the online hacks and other transactions problems since they don’t involve any process that may require you to leak your details to others online. So, the physical wallet is only exposed to the physical theft which is quite difficult.

There are other models which have been developed by some companies to allow the user be able to carry the physical currencies on an easy to carry device. Therefore if you want to access your currencies, you will just need to connect the device to the internet and immediately start to transact your money. This allows you to access your currency from any where and at any time as long you have a good internet connection. So in other words, most hardware wallets are cold wallets since they are not connected to the internet.

unique features of the hardware wallets.

the device is immune to virus and any other online hacks hence enabling you secure your transactions.

The keys that enables one to access their currencies are stored in a safe micro controller hence keeping your money safe from theft since the money cannot be transferred on a plain text.

Software wallets.

A software wallet can be defined as the computer program that stores ones cyptocurrencies. The sotftware is accessible froma device such as computer, and the this forum ensures safety of your products since the currenies bcan nly be acscessoed from your device.

The software wallet are classified in two two main categoires. Which include the the hot online wallet and the cold wallet which is transacted offline.

The hot wallet.

tThe hotline wallets are only transacted online whch means that one has to be connected to the internet to access their currencies. For the currency holder to access r even carry out any transaction oline, they have to be connected on the internet and hence access their money via web portal.

The softwares are named hot due to the fast accessibility that they offer to the suers. Therefore this allows one to transact their moneywith ease espcially on the emergenoiec cases. One dw back associated with the sue of hot wallets are the dangers that the suer face since they are moreprone to onli ehacksand thefyt as compared to otehrs like cold.This is becase the transactions take place online where you get to shar all your infomation onlin. Therefore this makes it easy for one to access your details since you are not the on controlling the curencies or evne the transactions.

The cold wallets.

The coldwallets are alos reffred to as offline wallets and are not connected to the internet for the transactions o take place.Therefore this method makes it more secure as compared to the online wallet sinc you have an opportunity of protecting your online transactons. Theefore tose who wnt to access theur cypocurrecies frequently are requested to use the cold wallets since they are more safer and faster to access. So, safety is guarantee whn using the cold wallet since no one from the outside acan esasily access your wallet. One drwa back experienced by the people who sue cold wallet as a form of stoing their cyptocurrencies is the inability to access their currencies for trading, buying or even selling online.

Forms of software wallets.

Th software wallets are designed in different forms which include;

desktop, mobile wallets and also the web wallets.

The desk top wallet.

These are the wallet programs which are desigend to be operated on a PC or a laptop. The are desigend in away that one can acecss them from various decices such as the PC, Mac, windows and also the Linux operating system. Therefore one an download the Bitcoin software on eitehr of the listed device and send your bitcoin money to it.

Mobile wallets.

Mobile walltes are the bitcoin applications that are desiged to be accessed from varous mobile platforms like Androids, iOS, wondows,and also Apple phones. Thisis the most convient method of Bitcoin wallet since it can be acecssed from any where and at anytime of the day. One makes themobile phoen to alow one access their money with ease is the presence of the integrated QR code which incerases the chances of the user to make their transactions with ease.

Online wallets.

Online wallets are the forums which can only be operated online. therefore one has to have a good internet connection to b able to access the various transactions online. note that there are some companies who have incited other online methods that one can use to access their money though some fourms such as the cloud wallets. This process is easy since the cloud company provides the Bitcoin holder a cloud server and their coins and tokens are stored on the private cloud server.

The other Bitcoin wallet providers.

the major wallet providers at Bitcoin include;

Ledger nano, Trezor, Keepkey, electron cash, Unit,, Exodus, Mobi, Bitpay, KJaxx, Coinomi,, Stash,Strongcoin and ledger nanos.

Ledger nano.

Ledger nano is a bitcoin cas whch is designed for supporting the Bitcoin cash. It is equippedwith reliable and satog efatures that allows one store their assets and also secure their digital payment as well. it connects to diffrent computer devices via the USB, and it also has the OLED which enables one to conuter check the every transaction. Ledger nano allows you to send payment, receive cash, manage your currencies amd also check your balance.

Some of the major features found on Ledger nano include;

allows multiple currency support.

It has an inbuilt display.

it backs up and restores the data.

It is secure to keep your cash.


This is anotehr hardware allet that allows the user to acecss their money with ease. It is safe and allows one to make any transacions frm diffrent computer devices.It owkrs by providing the key whoch allows one to sign in to the alogarithm which allows one t acecss money from bitcoin. The wallet support difrent devies whch nabls ne aces stheir moey from any where.

the trezor wallet is provided with a pin such that in cse it gets stolen or you lose it, noe one can be able to carry out any transaction.

fetues of Trezor.

It supports many cyptocurrencies and it alo allows one to recore their lost assets.

keep key.

This is the wallet essential for safeguarding the bitcoin and also other altcoins. It works b ensuring that all your transactions are safe and protected from hackers and other access. It provides security to the users keys, storage and also any transactions which occurs through generating private key and using its hardware based on random numbers.

Features of keepkey.

It supports multiplecyptocurrecies like bitcoin, Altcoin and many otehrs.

It is safe and secure to work with since it stores your private keys safely.

Electron cash.

It is the form of a cold wallet in Bitcoin which enables the usr t control and manage their transactions. You can sue other softwares such as the mnemonic seed phase and SPV technology which safeguards your transaction without even having to download the blockchain or even run a full code.

It supports diffrent operating systems.

it is secure and ofefr provacy to the holder.

It is alwys active and relable.

The unit wallet.

This i teh form of sold wallet which is designed for mibile phones use. It is quite easy to acecss your transactions using the Unt wallet amd it also compati ble wit majoryt of mobile phones. The wallet enables one to send, receiveand also accept payment via Bitcoin. This quite safe since only the owner f the wallet can cnrol the transactions that take place on the wallet.

The btcoin wallet.

The best part f using bitcoin wallet is the fact that it is also easy to sue by beginners. Th wallet allows one to sell, buy, send or even receive paint with ease. It supports all the smart devices.

Exodus wallet.

An exodus wallet is a desktop wallet which also support different multi-asset wallet.It isdesigend with shapeshift which enables the process to take place. It is easy to sue since no acocunt certion is requitrd and it also encyprtics private keys and provides all your dat as requested.the wallt is suitabl for blockchain inverstors since they are abl to invest, exchange, sell, buy and also manage their wealth. the wallte supports Bitcoin, Altcoin and many otehrs.

it is a pwoerful wallet which allws you to send, receive and store your funds.the wallet has n acecss to the Bitcoin cash hence providing privacy, security and also freedom to use your wealth as needed.


the wallet has a ota of more than 100 currencies at yor disposal. It is classidfied as the cold cash whoch allow you to have full privacy and security to your cash. You can send, receive and also manage your currencies at any time with the use of Mobi.The wallet supports, andrpid and iOS devices too. Aside form offerin sercurity to the users, mobi technology provides multiple platforms for sercuing your currencies abd it allws onw to access and carry out transaction quite fast.


hisis an open wllet which allows you to eitehr cerate a normal wallet for efective payment or even lock down yoursecurity by requiring pament to be accepted by 12 devices. The walet offred by Bitpay an be connted to the Bitpay card which is acceptable in different visa stations and ATms worldwide. It is comatible with majority of smart devices like Android, iOS and also the windos and Linux.


the wallet is used on all spart=phobnes and otehr devices. it is well known for supproting a wide variety of cytpocurrencies an it is easy and secure to use. it is classififed as a cold wallet which allows you to store your Bitcoin cash adnd any otehr cyptocurrencies.


The wallet works with the stash node pro to allow one carry out transaction from Bitcoin and other areas. It Provides the users with extra transaction capabilities and full roaming access to their individual copy of blockchain.

Strong coin.

This is a form of Bitcoin wallet which has both the cold and hot wallets. It requires a private ket=y to perform which is directed to the user’s browser before it gets to the server.


This is a secure form of wallet which is offred for free and it is also a secure multicoin wallet asset for bitcoin cash. other cytpocurrenncies that are supported by Coinomi include theltacoin,and also the tokens.